Guru Dayanidhi Das, founder of Dayanidhi Smruti Kala
Parisada, Cuttack
born in village Sajanapada of
Nayagarh district, is one of the many self made
artists, dancers and musicians all rolled in one, who have
dedicated entire life to the cause of Odissi dance but have
hardly received any recognition so far.
1. In 1952 he was the creator of basic Odissi syllabus along
with the name Odissi dance which was adopted in Kala
Vikash Kendra, National Music association, Utkal sangeet
samaj and Odisha Sangeet Parisad, Puri etc.
2. In 1958 to 1963 he started an organization named
Jayantika for the betterment of Odissi dance as a result the
Odissi dance got the National entity.
3. He was acted as an active member of Kala Vikash
Kendra, Cuttack for a long time and taken various steps for
the interest of Odissi dance.
4. At that time he was known as a famous choreographer,
Dance Guru in Odissi and Kathak.
5. He was served as a dance teacher in various institutions
like Utkal Sangeet Samaj, Lalita Kala Achademy,
Kalabhaban, Sahid Laxman Nayak academy etc for a long
6. In 1968 during his tenure as the Head of dance
department of Lalita kala pitha prepared detail syllabus on
odissi for the Prayag Sangeet Samiti,
7. Established “Khandapada Nayagarh Janata’ High School
in his native village Sajanpada in district Nayagarh in 1968
and the school is going to celebrate its Golden Jubuli in
the current year. Also established Baliyala singha Bani mandira in
his Village and many more.
He died on 14 March 1979 at the age of 50 on the day of
In view of the above lifelong activities, mainly for the uplift
of Odissi dance it is requested to take steps for giving
prestigious award posthumously and recognisation to
keep alive the remembrance of the Guru of the state.

           The journey of Guru Mayadhar Rout 
 Page 42
Kala Vikash Kendra was invited to put up a performance of 10 minutes at
seminar about the National Saving Certificate. Shri Dayanidhi Das played Tabla
and Sadhana Bose performed Kathak.
Page 45
Contribution of Dayanidhi Das towards teaching of Odissi Dance
Shri Dayanidhi Das wrote the first Syllabus for teaching Odissi in Kala Vikas
Kendra. It was an achievement as for the final time in the history of Odisha, Odissi
dance was taught as a regular subject in Degree Course.
Page 78
Dayanidhi Das as a real contributor towards upliftment of Odissi Dance.
Those who really contributed towards this goal were D. N. Pattnaik, Kelu charan
Mohapatra, Mayadhar Raut and late Dayanidhi Das.
Page 79
Contribution of Dayanidhi Das in giving musical support to Odissi Dance.
Kelu Charan Mohapatra, Rakhal Mohanty, Dayanidhi Das and Sunakar Sahu
gave the musical support in Jayantika’s First programme at ‘Nari Seva Sangha
Page 99
Dayanidhi das a lyricist
               Lyrics :
    Dayanidhi das
 Kali charan pattnaik
Radha mohan garnaik

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