GURU DAYANIDHI DAS

A dance guru of Odissi ,Kathak and Manipuri.A good choreographer in Odissi and Kathak.A dramatist ,a good writer ,a reputed teacher in Secondary Board High School, a social worker an instrumentalist in Tabla, Pakhoj,Dholok etc….
          Born in a remote village named SAJANAPADA of Nayagarh district of Odisha
Passed matriculation in 1947 from Brajendra High School at Nayagarh town.
Died on 14th march 1979,on HOLI a festival of colour !

                      WORK DONE
  (Contribution towards Odissi dance)
1- .Framed a regular dance syllabus of four year course naming as Odissi dance .
This happend for the first time in the history of Odisha in 1952 – 53 . This syllabus was first implemented in Kala Vikash Kendra.
There after National Music Association, Utkal Sangit Samaj, Odisha Sangita Parisada followed the same syllabus.
In this way Odishi dance came into light.

2- .In 1954 Inter University Youth Festival held at New delhi , when Dayanidhi was a student of Ravenshaw College in Utkal University.
In that festival Priyambada Hejmadi was highly appreciated for her Dance .
Dayanidhi Das accompanied tabla with ‘Dasabatara’ dance presented by Dhiren Pattnaik who was also honered in that Festival.

3 – . Also framed the Syllabus of Odissi Dance for Prayaga Sangeet Samiti of Allahabad, which is in vogue till today.

4 – .In division of Odissi dance, gave the idea of Mancha puja, Bhumi puja and Bhumi pranama should be done in the first part.
He named this part as Mangala charana.

5 – . GENERAL  SECRETARY OF JAYANTIKA which was an association of Odissi dance Guru’s like Padma Bibhusana Kelucharana Mahapatra , Padma Shree Mayadhara Rout , guru Deba prasad Das and many other’s .
It was established on 22nd june 1958 by Guru Dayanidhi Das
Due to extensive research of the members of Jayantika since 1958-1963 , Odissi dance got the recognition as a classical dance of India

6 – .A good writer of dance-drama, drama, ballet, poetry, and Odia Barnobodha, His literarry works are available at Raja Rammohan Ray library.

7 – .His pogrammes (especially ballet shortplay and song) were broadcast  by all India Radio and Dooradarshana regularly during his life time.

8-Classical vocal concerts were organised regularly by him in his institution Kala bhawan . Highly reputed singers and musicians used to take part in those pogrammes on every fullmoon day.

9- Besides his teaching job he used to serve as a part time dance teacher in N.M.A , Utkal Sangit Samaj, lalita kala pitha, Kalinga college of Music and Dance and many more. He was one of the founder of Kala Vikas Kendra in 1950.  In 1960 he established his own Organization Kala Bhawan which is still running in the name Dayanidhi smruti kala Parisada after his untimily demise .

10-He established a minor School and High School in his village.As a result many Students from nearby villages got education and established themselves in reputed jobs.

An Artist sends light into  the Universe through his body and soul.
Poor finances, the grinds and labour to accomplish his noble mission,
withered his body but could never dampen his spirit. On the 14th of
March 1979, at the age fifty, Guru Dayanidhi Das left the world around
him with his works unfinished and mission unfulfilled. Efforts are still
going on to achieve his unaccomplished missions.